Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Heart of Gold

A soul as pure as snow flake,
with saint's view that sees no taint in world.
A voice of child that tries to sound grown-up
with giggles so charming that you cant help but laugh along.

A concern so touching that you can't help but pray for him.
Very few are blessed the way you are my child!

Rarely does God make souls like you.
It needs a Heart of Gold to be you!

Have u ever come across such a person, who prays when you are low?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From a mother to her daughter

The altar was all set for the bride to walk in.

It felt nice,
it felt good,
but also some sadness seeping through.

There have been times when i don't care,
but this time i couldn't dare.

It was her smiles that made me cry,
her wedding was a tough test to keep my eyes dry.

A daughter, a sister, a friend to many walked out of home,
holding the hand of the one who makes her his own.

She will oil her hair on her own now,
and my fingers will yearn for those silky tresses.

Tough is the parting people say,
but sweeter it gets if one knows it's for the best of all.

I wish them a happy married life,
and may they always be the best husband and wife.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Crimson light,

torn denims thrown on the floor,

silver nail paint bottle on dresser,

missed calls on cellphone,

coffee mug at the bedside,

disorganised vanity table,

an empty carton of fruit juice,

all the single ladies palying on i-pod,

satin sheets crumpled on the bed.

Wonder what is going on?

Nothing, Sarah is getting another fit: "Whatever!"

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Fear not the fury of fathers,
fear not the burning sun.

Fear those who appear as frens,
but deep within are your foes.

Fear not the cries you hear,
fear not the ties you bear.

Fear only the probable failure,
for that will keep you from growing strong.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Looking for lost pet, asking for Justice

A pet went missing from dogcare center, while owners were out of town. Center in-charge says:"It’s not my fault; it’s the fault of time". As per the in-charge, it is a case of dog-napping. But how can that happen, when the pet is kept safe inside the dogcare centre?

After the owners returned, they did everything (asking people around the dogcare centre, sticking posters with pet's picture, keeping a cash reward for the one who brings the pet back, throwing morsels of home-made food on the road from dogcare centre to their home, spreading rags of their lost pet's bed sheets on the road just in case it comes to the road looking out for owner). A complaint has already been registered at the police station.

Inspite of all this, a few posters were also given to dogcare centre in-charge to stick a few on pillars and also distribute some to nearby vetenary clinics, but in-charge has not shown any interest in helping the owners. He says: “I have done what I could. Sir, you do what you have to.”

In such a case, where do you think pet owners should go? Should they stop the search (which they are still on with; and the owner still wakes up in middle of the night, thinking he heard his dear pet barking somewhere outside), should they get a new puppy and forget about the gone one? And if they do, it doesn't give justice; and neither does this stop the in-charge from taking security measures in near future.

Should they let the dogcare centre run its business, inspite of knowing that their dear pet is gone because of negligence of money-minting dogcare centre running its business in Vaishali, East Delhi.

The dogcare centre in-charge says: "I am clean of any negligence. The owners had signed a form when they left their pet with me. As per that form, I am not responsible for "any accident that may happen in their absence".

Is it so easy to get a clean chit?...
No!...It is not, there are some responsible dog lovers that will react to this and help the pet owner get justice.

I request all the dog lovers to participate in this Forum and help the owners find a way to get Justice. You are all welcome to suggest ways to approach this issue and ensure that the dogcare centre in-charge is guilty of negligence that has costed somebody a loss of beautiful memories and an affectionate pet.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Loosing touch with you...

so many things have changed since then,
so many faces have turned black.
so many trees have fallen since then,
so many tears have shed.

i left you all with dreams of joy,
i return to see no one rejoys.
i lived on the land far away,
and now i have come to see all this.

Alas! i feel like an alien to this wonderland.
This land where i lost my heart happily,
but dread to share my pride with anyone now.

Oh land! what a game to play with me.
Without telling me that rules have changed,
Is this the way to over rule me?

I accept to accept my defeat,
at the hands of those who have overgrown claws.
The soft fingers of comfort and joy,
have gone numb and dry...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Increasing sexual violence against women in Haiti must be addressed...

Julsaint has recently returned from a solidarity visit to Haiti with the ecumenical ‘Living Letters’ team and is concerned about the levels of violence, especially sexual violence, against women and young women. “Women and young women who have been raped or have experienced sexual violence are unable to get legal assistance and support. The judiciary system is not working in general and poor, marginalised women are the last to have access. The rule of law is inexistent in Haiti and there is so much stigma attached to rape that women prefer to remain silent.” 

Silence is not a reaction Julsaint will be looking for from the CEDAW Committee. “I hope they will insist that there needs to be more data on the extent of sexual violence and rape on girls in Haiti. There needs to be a specific national law prohibiting violence against women, including different forms of violence such as psychological violence in Haiti. This is currently inexistent, although Haiti has ratified CEDAW.” 

Julsaint says although there is a lot of work to be done, progress has been made for the women of Haiti. "In 2005, a national plan of action to fight against violence against women was adopted for the 2006 - 2011 period. The Ministry for Women (Ministère de la Condition FĂ©minine) has worked hard and in collaboration with many women's NGOs to put this 7th periodic combined report but still so much needs to be done," says Julsaint. 

The YWCA of Haiti works in education and leadership of women and girls and will explore the issue of violence against women at the upcoming Caribbean YWCA Regional Training Institute 'Women Unite Now! Creating a Caribbean free of Violence Against Women and HIV’. 

The 2007 YWCA World Council adopted a resolution requesting the YWCA movement to place emphasis on CEDAW implementation as an affirmation of the organisation's commitment to global action for women. ‘This important resolution calls on YWCAs to take part in the monitoring and implementation of CEDAW in their countries,” says World YWCA General Secretary Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda. 

The full list of countries to present country reports at the 43rd CEDAW session are Armenia , Cameroon , Dominica , Germany, Guatemala, Haiti, Libya and Rwanda. 

The post is an excerpt from an article by YWCA member (Published: 15th jan, 2009)